Which winner to bet on at the end of the season?

by ScoreBossTeam on Apr 27, 2022 6:00 am

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In May, the suspense goes up a notch in European football, and for tipsters as well! All national championships are coming to an end, national and continental cups too. Titles are played now! For each team, the next few weeks will be crucial to achieve their goals, and the pressure is on. Here is an overview of the situation in the main championships, and advice for predicting teams in this particular period.

Some champions are already known

In Germany and France, the championships have already been won, as Bayern Munich and PSG have outrageously dominated the competition this season. PSG were officially crowned French champions 2021/2022 on April 23 after their draw against Lens. Despite 4 league games still to play, PSG can no longer be caught by the second in the standings, Olympique de Marseille.

In Germany, Bayern Munich won their 10th consecutive league title. This will console the Bavarians for their surprise defeat against Villarreal in the Champions League. With such dominance over the Bundesliga, predicting the champion becomes easier, but some are rightly worried about a possible loss of interest from fans. The Munich machine is so well run that it is hard to imagine Borussia Dortmund or Leverkusen being able to compete with it.

For Spain and Real Madrid, it's not official yet, but almost. The forecasters have noted that a draw is enough for the Merengues in the last 5 games of the Spanish La Liga to pocket their 35th title of champions of Spain. It's been a great season for Karim Benzema's teammates, still in the Champions League race. Our Bettor Undisputed Challenge tracks all Liga games in May. Come and show your tipster qualities in the Spanish championship. Especially since the suspense is very real for second place!

Suspense until the end?

In other championships, the suspense promises to last several more weeks, to the delight of the fans! In Portugal, however, the title should not escape Porto, who have a comfortable lead over Sporting Portugal. In the Netherlands, the gap is smaller between Ajax and PSV Eindhoven, but it is hard to imagine Ajax players being beaten, because they have relatively easy matches until the end of the championship. For your predictions in Eredivisie, advantage Ajax!

In Belgium, Italy and England, the competition is on the contrary extremely tight, and the title of these championships should be decided in the final stretch. In Italy, the two Milanese clubs, AC Milan and Inter, are neck and neck. Similar situation in Belgium, where the playoff system has considerably reduced the gap between Union Saint-Gilloise and Club Brugge. Note that Scotland also have their playoffs, where Rangers and Celtic are battling for the title, with Rangers well positioned for overall victory.

Finally, England and the Premier League offer fans and bettors one of the finest league finishes of recent seasons, with a thrilling final between Manchester City and Liverpool. Manchester City seem favorites with an easier schedule, but the Reds have been playing so well for several weeks that nothing seems impossible. To spice up their duel, the two clubs could meet in the Champions League final! The recent league game between Man City and Liverpool gave us a taste of the show to come!

How to make good predictions at the end of the season

With these suspenseful season ends, there is no shortage of exciting sports betting opportunities. The title fight provides an ideal context for tipsters to offer interesting analysis and sound predictions. However, in the particular context of the end of the seasons, certain factors come to shake up the usual analysis criteria . Here are some important aspects to include in your predictions to stay efficient.

  • Stay yourself

The suspense and tension of the end of the championship puts pressure on players and coaches. But it also plays on the psychology of bettors and tipsters! Excitement and certain emotional biases can undermine your objectivity, especially if the title fight is against a team you're a fan of. Try to stay calm, neutral, and objective in your assessments.

  • Study the calendar carefully

When there are only 4 or 5 matchdays left to play, it is essential to properly assess the difficulty of the remaining matches for each rival. Good tipsters look at the number of matches to be played at home and away, as well as the ranking and level of the teams to face. To refine your predictions and sports bets, you can even simulate the end of a virtual championship, by assigning probable results to each match.

  • Identify mid-table teams

In addition to the level of the opponents, it is very useful to check whether the teams encountered will also have something to play for, or will be freewheeling until the end of the championship. The mid-table teams usually have nothing to fear or hope for in the last 5 matchdays, so it's an advantage to meet them. Distrust of weaker teams at the bottom of the table. They are likely to thwart bettors' plans because they give the maximum to remain in the division.

  • Prioritize group spirit

At the end of the season, the ambitions and work of an entire professional group materialize. In this period, each player and member of the staff must give the best of themselves to go to the end. If two teams of a similar level are fighting for the title, the one that will succeed is often the one with greater mental and collective strength. Integrate this dimension into your sports betting advice, by studying the statements and attitude of the players, and the general level of cohesion and solidarity within the club.

  • Count on decisive players

If the title is played on the last day of the championship, the tension will be at its height. It's the equivalent of a cup final, with 90 minutes to win or lose it all. In this situation, many players crack under the pressure, and their performance suffers. Especially when you have to take a decisive penalty … The great champions, on the contrary, use this pressure to become even better. Identify in each team which players seem capable of reaching the next level to help their team triumph.

Believe in the incredible

To conclude, remember that in sports and in sports betting, and particularly in football, there is always a part of uncertainty. At this level, it is impossible to forget the craziest final in the history of the Premier League in 2011/2012, when Manchester City regained the title from Manchester United by beating QPR by two goals in stoppage time. And the terrible end-of-season collapses of Bayer Leverkusen in 2000 and 2001, which caused them to lose 2 Bundesliga titles.

Some games and results go irrationally, and this is often the case when the pressure is at its highest, such as at the end of a very tight season. This is why the psychological strength of the coach and the group is a key element when you make your predictions for the last matchdays!

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