SB Invest Becomes ScoreBoss: How Will You Benefit?

by ScoreBossTeam on Apr 21, 2022 7:17 am

SB Invest Becomes ScoreBoss! Part II

Dear tipsters, followers, bettors, and sports fans: We Levelled Up! Our platform adopted a new name and a new domain name through the last weeks. Goodbye 'SB Invest' and, long live ScoreBoss and! This post takes you into the whys, and how we hope that you will benefit from the changes we are making!

New name, new gains!

With ScoreBoss, we now have a platform name that symbolizes well what we aim to offer. It's a place where the best tipsters can stand out. A place you can be recognized and fairly rewarded for your tips. So we're not only changing our brand, we are building functionalities to improve your experience on our site. Here are examples of tools that you will be able to enjoy in the future:

  • Private tips . We will bring a new function to set your tips as private until the wager is resolved. This way, you can share tips and still provide exclusive access to your premium members.

  • Tipjar sharing . On our platform, tipsters will be able to share information about their tip jar services. This way we facilitate your possibilities to monetize your tips from our platform users.

  • Improved ranking . Our rankings will become more in-depth and our listing will become easier to search, with new ways to filter tipsters. This way, you are easier to find on our platform.

  • Tipster data . Your tipster profile will be enhanced with insightful data on your prediction habits and style, so that followers can quickly understand your strongholds, and where you can help them.

These are examples of the direction we are taking to help our tipsters strike the right balance between visibility and monetization. Sharing insightful tips on ScoreBoss will prove your value and grow your community, in a way that is truly complimentary to your existing community and premium members.

New name, new games!

With our new name ScoreBoss, we also aim at reaching a new level in terms of gaming experience and entertainment. Did you notice how fast the sporting, betting and gaming worlds evolve? And how do they intertwine more and more? We're making sure you'll enjoy these waves of innovation too on ScoreBoss!

For this, we are gradually evolving our platform design, playability, and community features. Our vision? A truly modern and connectable simulation betting platform, where anyone interested in sports prediction will have 100% of fun and 0% risks. We hope you'll enjoy the upcoming innovations to make ScoreBoss the #1 spot where pro tipsters connect with sports prediction fans:

  • More ways to win. Along with the success of Bettor Undisputed competitions, we'll develop more contests, to open new possibilities for tipsters to be noticed and to challenge each other.

  • Social channels connections. Your user profile will enable more ways to share links to your channels on social media, messaging apps and websites. This way your community can grow faster from the ScoreBoss audience.

  • Profile progressions. We will offer new and playful ways to make your tipster profile truly unique. Special badges, XP levels; everything is on the table so you can stand out as a truly remarkable tipster.

What's coming now?

As you can see, we're on our way to level all levels! We're excited to evolve our name and to welcome you on our new domain name . And we're now busy developing new functions to provide our tipsters with more tools and control, and to offer the sports predictions community a more entertaining platform.

The good news is: you don't have to do anything to benefit from all these! All your former links to are redirecting to . Yes we advise you to update these links on your own platforms and social channels, so that you can lead your audience directly to .

Keep using our service as usual. Or join if you haven't yet! We'll implement the changes progressively and new functionalities will be easy to grasp.  All we ask you is a bit of patience, as we will bring these changes gradually, to avoid service disturbances and ensure a smooth transition for your experience. 

Connect with us on social media to leave us your impressions and questions about our new brand and functionalities. Let's level up together!

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