How to spot the best tipsters in sports betting?

by ScoreBossTeam on Feb 04, 2022 3:00 pm

Whether you are a semi-pro tipster or a passionate bettor, you sometimes have to wonder what separates the best tipsters on the market from the rest of the troops in sports betting. Here we give you the 6 main characteristics of the greatest tipsters. Including many ways to progress in your predictions and to follow the good professional tipsters!

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The best tipsters can prove their performance

This is the basic condition for claiming to be a pro tipster! The best tipsters are able to generate interesting profits on their bets, and above all to demonstrate this with supporting evidence! No need to follow a tipster who only makes big statements, or shares blurry and suspicious screenshots.

The only way for a pro tipster to convince potential followers of the relevance of shared tips is to use a tamper-proof system to be able to support their performance indisputably. Until the appearance of sim betting platforms such as ours, the methods to prove this were restrictive and unreliable, for example:

  • Providing access to the history of bets placed on the bookmaker account

  • Sharing withdrawals made to the bank account from an operator

  • Sharing the performance in live streaming on different sites

Fortunately, everything has changed thanks to the use of a sports betting simulation platform like SB Invest! Here, tipsters place bets which are monitored in real time. The return on their stakes is calculated automatically based on the best odds in sports betting. Once the bets have been resolved, it is impossible to cancel them, the yield is adjusted directly.

Thus, our platform guarantees that the performance of our tipsters is 100% proven. follow our best tipsters on SB Invest , and take full advantage of their tips with certified performance!

Best tipster: better performance

Thanks to SB Invest, you have an authoritative site to find reliable tipsters with proven performance. Now it's up to you to choose which of those present on the platform you could follow. The most gifted tipsters can be recognized in several ways. Here are the most obvious performance markers:

  • High yield. The yield is the average return on the bets placed. Tipsters with a positive and high yield present a solid proof of the quality of their tips!

  • Long-term performance. Has a tipster shown a positive yield on hundreds of bets for many months? This demonstrates reliability and commitment to followers!

  • Earnings with high odds. If a tipster often shares winning bets quoted above 3, it is a sign that he has good analytical methods to spot profitable sports bets.

  • Series of winning bets. Has this tipster shared 5 winning bets in a row? Maybe it's a fluke. But if a tipster is accustomed to the fact, then you should think about following this one!

Ideally, then, you're looking for a high-yield, long-term, high-performing tipster with attractive tips on high-odds bets, and able to line up winning bets as easily as Lewandowski strings quintuplets. It's not easy to put it all together! But other aspects also matter, related to the attitude of the professional tipster.

Quality of sports analyzes and predictions

Sometimes, pure numbers are not enough to find the best tipster to help you with sports betting. Other qualities are important. This is especially true with beginner or semi-pro tipsters. These have not yet honed their sports betting techniques to obtain certain returns. But nothing prevents you from following them already!

To spot future stars among sports betting tipsters - or to become one yourself! - the intrinsic quality of sports analysis is a fundamental point. A quality forecaster is able to demonstrate a fine knowledge of one or more sports, and to justify their predictions convincingly and logically.

Also, a good tipster in the making already demonstrates an advanced mastery of the different betting techniques (single, multiple, combined) and bets (1X2, over/under, handicap, etc.). Finally, he will be able to communicate their tips with eloquence, enthusiasm, in a clear and pleasant way to follow. In sports betting too, body language and chatting count!

Professionalism: the advantage of tipsters who last

As we know, the sports betting sector is very competitive. This also applies to the tipster segment. Many called, few chosen! A large number of fairly gifted amateur bettors try to evolve, more or less officially, as tipsters. But much less succeed and make it a sustainable activity.

The reason ? The challenge of professionalism. It may be a little unfair, but that's the way it is: the pure qualities of a sports forecaster are not necessarily enough to achieve lasting success. You also need to know how to lead your project like a digital entrepreneur, which requires other skills:

  • Creation and update of your tipster profile on sports betting platforms

  • Communication and animation of your community on social networks

  • Management of your brand image online and on your own website;

  • Monetization of your tips with followers and premium members.

Being a pro tipster is a full-time job! This requires mastering many areas. Tipsters who are not interested in all these aspects will have very little chance of breaking through. Keep this in mind when choosing who you want to follow. Tipsters who manage their online communication well are better poised to succeed !

Best tipster: sometimes it's the one you prefer

Apart from pure performance, there is necessarily a subjective and personal part in the choice of your favorite tipsters. And fortunately ! Sports betting is fun, so you'll naturally look for tipsters whose personality and approach to betting suits your style and betting preferences. In sports betting as in fashion, it has to match!

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Do you like betting on your instinct, depending on the matches of the day and your state of mind at the time? You can choose to become the follower of clever and enthusiastic tipsters, capable of delivering one or two good tips per day on the biggest matches. And you will rather choose specialized tipsters, to follow your favorite sport.

Conversely, your bettor profile might be more scientific, looking for the best value bets or safe bets on the different betting markets. Then you can turn to professional tipsters with an analytical profile. With a calm and objective tone, they will offer you well-considered bets, motivated by solid data and statistics.

Reputable tipsters: how to judge?

Over time, the best tipsters gain reputation, so it's usually a good sign to be recognized in the market as a tipster. But in this very fragmented market, it is difficult to know the degree of recognition of a tipster, especially if he is based abroad. Here is some evidence to judge tipsters reputation:

  • Sports journalism: is the tipster invited to shows, podcasts or YouTube channels relating to sports and sports predictions?

  • Professional sports experience: Is the tipster active or has he been active in the sports world, as a player, coach, or consultant?

  • Awards: Has the tipster won any recognized betting awards or competitions, such as the Bettor Undisputed competition ?

  • Audience on networks: how many followers does this tipster have on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks?

Positive elements at these levels are guarantees of confidence to follow a tipster. If you are looking for a reliable source of good tips, these are encouraging signs. Simply, you must keep in mind that a newly launched professional tipster will not yet have acquired a strong reputation. This does not necessarily mean that their predictions are not up to par!

The ideal professional tipsters are on SB Invest!

To close this guide, let's recap the 6 qualities to look for to find the best professional tipsters.

  • Proven performance

  • High performance

  • Quality of analysis and communication

  • High degree of professionalism

  • Pleasant betting style and approach

  • Good reputation

With so many criteria, perfect tipsters are rather rare. This is why the best tipsters choose SB Invest. Our platform with certified yield allows them to objectively demonstrate their performance to their followers. And it's up to you to choose from dozens of professional tipsters the ones that suit you best. Join us today to take full advantage of sim betting with us !

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