How to bet on Spain during the 2022 World Cup?

by ScoreBossTeam on Oct 04, 2022 9:26 am

Spain World Cup

Spread the word; la Roja is back. After a slump in the mid-2010s, the Spanish selection has picked up steam in recent years. They arrive in Qatar well positioned among the favorites for victory. 

While their playing style principles have remained stable in recent years, a new generation of players has taken power, with great ambitions. What can we expect from Spain for the World Cup, and above all, how to profit from it in your sports betting? This is what we will see in detail in this guide!

Should you bet on Spain for victory at the 2022 World Cup?

Predicting the final winner of the World Cup will be among the most popular bets in November. And we can say it without reservation: Spain is a very good shot to play as winner of the 2022 World Cup. It is even the best value bet on which to place a wager at the moment.

Spain's odds are at 9. That's way above nations like Brazil, France and England. However, la Roja has many assets to put forward. It has been in constant progression for 2 years:

  • Round of 16 at the 2018 World Cup;

  • 2020 Nations League finalist;

  • EURO 2020 finalist in the summer of 2021.

The setbacks of the 2014 World Cup and elimination in the group stage are forgotten. Also, the page has been turned on the glorious generation that won three titles between 2008 and 2012. Coach Luis Enrique still favors ball possession, but he has young and talented players for that, with the Barcelona trio Gavi-Busquet-Pedri at the helm. In terms of individual talent and quality of play, Spain are on par with the best.

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A well-prepared team

In addition to a starting lineup that has regained excellence, Spain appears in good shape and confident before this World Cup. This is not the case for all favorites. France and England will go to Qatar without any certainty. Les Bleus are confronted with a terrible cascade of injuries. 45 days before the start of the 2022 World Cup, almost the entire starting eleven is missing, with the likes of Pogba, Benzema or Kanté on the flank. These are challenging times for French football!

As for England, they have just finished bottom of their Nations League group. Without a consistent playing model or indisputable players in some key positions; that gives no guarantee of safety to the English fans. Quite the opposite of Roja! The Spaniards arrive at the World Cup in full swing!

They have just qualified for the final phase of the League of Nations, beating Portugal on the wire. The team is almost complete. The only doubt concerns defender Aymeric Laporte who should nevertheless be on the trip. All lights are green! Thus, with a rating of 9, Spain wonderfully endorses the status of outsider who can pay off big.

What bets for Spain in its group E?

Before claiming victory, it will obviously be necessary to leave the qualifying groups and qualify for the knockout phase. In their group, Spain find themselves battling against Germany, Japan and Costa Rica. They are 1.8 favorites for first place, ahead of Germany at 2.1. A difficult group, since another contender for the title, Germany, is also there.

However, Spain will have the advantage of starting against the weakest team in the group, Costa Rica. Meanwhile, Germany will have a trickier match against the Japanese, whose level is difficult to gauge. Spain vs Germany counting for match 2 of the group will undoubtedly be decisive for the first place.

Given the level presented by the two teams, the odds difference of 1.8 to 2.1 between Spain and Germany is rather small. Without being a very attractive bet for the majority of tipsters, betting on Spain is justified. For a slightly more daring bet, the odds for Japan to qualify in one of the first two places is 5: here's a bet to try!

Top scorer: Can Morata do it?

If you want to bet on the top scorer of the 2022 World Cup, you will have to refer to other teams than Spain! On the one hand, la Roja has a very patient game, all in possession of the ball and horizontal progression. That leads to fairly closed matches tactically, prohibiting an avalanche of goals. Then, the lack of a real top scorer is a constant problem. The Spaniards haven’t found a successor to David Villa.

Thus, the first Spaniard placed by the bookmakers for top scorer bets at the 2022 World Cup is Alvaro Morata, with odds of 51! Morata is not a very prolific striker, although his 27 goals in 57 games for Spain are creditable. His rating of 51 is just too unlikely to be interesting. For your bets on the Golden Boot at the World Cup, count on other safe bets:

  • Englishman Harry Kane, top scorer at the 2018 World Cup;

  • The French scorers Mbappé and Benzema;

  • South American stars Neymar or Messi.

For a slightly more risky bet, the Auriverde scorers Pedro Guilherme and Richarlison hold the rope, with the same odds at 34. Both are competing for the position of number 9, and this uncertainty has raised their odds. Follow Brazilian coach Tite’s choices during the next friendly matches before opting for one or the other. Relatively unknown, Pedro Guilherme has exploded this year, he could very well ravish the title at this World Cup.

Most assists at the 2022 World Cup: the game is open

As for the best passers, the two magicians of Manchester City - Belgian Kevin de Bruyne and Portuguese Bernardo Silva - we be among the favorites for the World Cup 2022. Thomas Müller (Germany) and Angel di Maria (Argentina) will also have their say. That's a lot of people on the starting line! Not to mention that nations like England and the Netherlands will have the opportunity to pile on assists in their relatively weak Group A and Group B.

For the title of best passer, choices of the Spanish side are difficult. The extremely collective game of la Roja allows a wide distribution of offensive tasks, without a pure number 10. The natural contender will be Jordi Alba, the irreplaceable left back focused on the offensive. He delivered 6 assists in 20 appearances for Spain this year.

Yet, assists could also come from Pedri and Gavi. These two gems have the technical background and the vista to follow in the footsteps of Iniesta and Xavi. The two playmakers are still a little soft for an entire competition like the World Cup. But they are two passers to bet on for a game or two. Right winger Marco Asensio also, who doesn't always play, made 3 assists in his last 6 games for Spain.

Conclusion: Spain back on top?

With early eliminations in the World Cup and Euro between 2014 and 2018, Spain seemed to have lost their winning recipe. And to have fallen back into a somewhat sterile possession game and a porous defense. But by persevering in their playing identity, and with the arrival of a talented new generation, the Spaniards are back at the highest level.

Enough to win the 2022 World Cup? It remains to be seen, but they already came close to making a smashing comeback last year. They only failed in the EURO final against an untouchable Italy. They should prove to be ultra-competitive at the Qatar World Cup. Only the Brazilian selection can be considered a step above la Roja today. This sets the bar very high! And fully justifies your interest in Spain for your sports bets and predictions at the 2022 World Cup!

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