Blogging, Stats Reports And Notifications

by ScoreBossTeam on Feb 09, 2022 12:09 pm

Dear tipsters,

We are launching new functions to help you make the most of SB Invest! You can now use our blogging tool to get noticed, our stats reports to document your performances, and our improved email notification system. Read more and discover these new features now!

Become Influential With Blog Articles

You can use our blogging tool to write your own articles on our platform! Share your tips, develop insightful analyses, show your personality! Our blog is perfect to grow your audience and get more followers. It's also one of the best ways to have our readers visit your own channels and website from a click on your articles. For successful tipsters, communication is key. Use our blog at your advantage!

Blog Feature

Review Your Past Tips With Stats Report

You can now retrieve in one click your previous tips statistics, thanks to our new reporting tool. It's ideal to understand better how you perform or highlight to others your track record as a tipster. You will find the reporting tool on the top of your tipster profile page, just after your presentation text. Click on the 'Download Report' button, choose your league and time span and get your stats!

Stats Report

Receive Notifications for Settled Tips

You now get easier updates from the tipsters you are following. Our new email notifications enable you to know the final result of the tips they shared, once the bet is settled. You can find this option within your "Email Notification" section, under "Notification for Settled Tip". Note that this feature will be further improved soon with the option to privatize certain tips.

Settled Tip Notification

We hope you will enjoy using these new functionalities! They are there to help you progress as a tipster and to bring you always more satisfaction to be part of our community of connected tipsters, bettors and sports fans. Leave us your comments on our social media channels about these new features!

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