11 Brazilians ready to join Europe in the summer transfer window

by ScoreBossTeam on Jun 03, 2022 9:17 am

Gabriel Gabigol Barbosa

In Europe, many coaches and sporting directors recognize that the transfer window is the most crucial period of the year to lead their team to the objectives of the future season. A well managed transfer phase is almost half the job done for getting a successful team in the league. And for this, all European recruiters have their eyes riveted on the Brazilian championship, a major supplier of new talent on the old continent.

And as the Brazilian championship is active during the summer, this period will be full of rumors and transfers, depending on the performance of the players on the field. Perfect timing as our Bettor Undisputed challenge follows all Brazilian Série A matches in June! Come and test your knowledge and your tipster flair on this championship. To get you started, here's a look at 11 Brazilian Série A players who have a strong chance of signing for a big European team for the 2022/2023 season.

Goalkeeper: Cleiton

The 24-year-old Red Bull Bragantino goalkeeper seems to have the right profile to pack his bags and discover Europe. He is still young, but has already acquired a solid reputation on the South American continent, having been a starter for several seasons. In addition, the connection with Europe could be made naturally through the Red Bull group, owners of Bragantino. They already own RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg in Europe. This could provide an opportunity for Cleiton to cut his teeth in the Austrian league, or get straight down to business at Champions League qualifier RB Leipzig.

Left-back: Abner

At 22, the left side of Paranaense seems ready for the big leap. His name had circulated in January 2022 on the side of Manchester City, a sign that the best European clubs checked his name. He has the profile of a classic left back, good defensively and with the head, an area to work on, but where his size (1m81) gives him an advantage over smaller full-backs. His offensive capabilities are less obvious, but clubs playing with a line of 4 behind will be able to accommodate it. The Premier League may not move immediately, but a departure for Italy or Ligue 1 this summer is possible.

Right-back: Guga

The right-back of Atlético Mineiro has become a safe bet for the Brasileiro. He has already won the championship and the national cup with his club. He has a technical background and a grinta that also allow him to help out as a defensive midfielder. This versatility could appeal to European technicians, often followers of hybrid tactical systems. Tonic and comfortable with the ball, he could seduce the Italian and Spanish championships. He was already announced last year for Fiorentina, but there is no doubt that other clubs could seek to bring him in this summer.

Central defenders:Renan and Kaiky

Quality central defenders are a rare commodity in football, and European recruiters will often find their happiness in the Brazilian Série A. They do not hesitate to sign players who are still very young, in order to give them time to adapt to the style and tactics of play in Europe. Two players correspond to this profile: the 20-year-old left-handed central Renan from Bragantino, and the very young Kaiky, 18, from FC Santos, a great club to nurture Brazilian talents, starting with King Pelé. Kaiky has very little experience, but his reputation precedes him.

Defensive midfielder: Danilo

Here is a player sure to leave for Europe this summer. For two years, he has literally exploded as a defensive midfielder in the prestigious club of Palmeiras. The biggest teams in Europe are already on the job, such as Arsenal and FC Barcelona. His price of around 25 million euros should put off mid-table clubs. If he signs for a high-class club, he will probably be loaned out in order to get playing time in a slightly less competitive squad. With two Copa Libertadores to his credit, we can imagine him establishing himself in Europe quickly.

Box-to-box Midfielder: Gabriel Menino

The versatile midfielder from Palmeiras seems to be leveling off a bit in recent months, after an early career that saw him quickly make a name for himself in Latin America. We know that FC Chelsea and Real Madrid are following him. He still needs to be more decisive in the last pass and convert more goal chances, but he seems ripe to continue his progress outside the Brazilian championship. In addition, his rating on the market, around 10 million euros, tends to settle. Palmeiras could therefore welcome a transfer which would free up a place in their midfield, a sector well supplied with young players in Brazil.

Attacking midfielder: Matias Zaracho

Two years ago, his transfer from Argentina to Atlético Mineiro caused a lot of talk, with a transfer fee of 15 million euros, quite unusual on the continent. Since then, Zaracho has become champion of Brazil, but he hasn't really been able to live up to all the expectations placed on him. Nonetheless, he is a prime recruit for any European club, thanks to his versatility. Zaracho is a central attacking midfielder who is quite capable of playing on the left and right wings. Premier League clubs will no doubt be on the prowl to pick him up. A good move for Newcastle, already very active during the last winter transfer window?

Right winger: Angelo Gabriel

With Kaiky, he is the second gem of FC Santos that will heat up the transfer market this summer. At just 17 years old, Angelo Gabriel is on the shelves of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid! His acceleration and dribbling skills jumped out at recruiters. In addition, this right-hander can play in the right lane like a classic winger but he also knows how to animate the left lane and cut to the center. He will therefore be able to adapt to the fashion for inverted wingers, which are very popular in Europe. His official price is 10 million euros, but we will not be surprised to see him go for more.

Left winger: Dudu

At 30, Dudu does not have the profile of the usual Brasileiro-Europe signings. He has already played abroad, in Ukraine and Qatar, but never in the major leagues. He therefore suffers from a lack of notoriety. But this pocket winger has a lot of quality to claim, and his title of footballer of the year in Brazil in 2018 is not usurped. He could be tempted by an experience in Spain or Italy in order to demonstrate his value at the highest level. Will Palmeiras want to transfer him before the market value of this 30-something player starts to drop?

Scorer: Matheus Nascimento

This is the kind of scorer that Europe is snapping up. At 18, the striker is still far from being an indisputable starter with Botafogo, but his qualities could well offer him a direct ticket to Europe during this transfer window. His technical and physical profile corresponds well to the needs of modern football. He can play in the center, but also animate both sides, which would again allow him to adapt to the formations in 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 so popular in Europe. The two Madrid clubs, Real and Atlético, are interested in him. We can consider a transfer with a loan in stride to Botafogo so that he can finish his training there.

The question of adapting to Europe

To conclude this presentation of the 11 Brazilians capable of animating the European transfer window, a question always arises, that of the adaptation time necessary for the players of the Brasileiro when they land in the Premier League, Liga or Ligue 1. In Europe, the level of commitment is higher, the tactical approaches are different, and the lifestyle is different.

For many Brazilian players, a period of 6 months to 1 year is sometimes necessary before performing again, with the risk of losing their place in the team in the meantime, then stagnating or regressing. Let's hope that the coaches who will bring these young Brazilian talents will have integrated this factor, in order to give them the time and the confidence to impose themselves.

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