What are the most popular bets in golf?

by FMP50 on Mar 29, 2023 10:32 am

golf ball on a grass

Sports fans are often surprised to realize that golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is played on all continents, and tournaments gather thousands of fans. Golf is not the most fitted sport for live television, which can explain why the general public is not very knowledgeable about this sport. Yet, if you’re looking to bet on golf, you will find some of the most complete competitions and very exciting tournaments and athletes to bet on. Here are the most popular bets you can place in golf:

  • Tournament winner. You bet on the final winner of the competition

  • Round winner. You bet on the winner of a particular round within a tournament

  • Matchup winner. You bet on the winner of a matchup between two players

Next to these common bets, some more sophisticated bets are possible. The nature of a gold tournament gives a lot of possibilities to place bets on many different aspects. If you are interested in more complex bets, you will find that golf is a passionate sport to bet on. Here are some more advanced types of bet you find often in golf betting:

  • Each way bets allow to split the wager in two halves. Half of the money is wagered on the player to win the tournament, while the other half is bet on the player to finish placed within the top 5. 

  • Top golfer by category and groups. This allows to pick a winner within a restrained number of players, for instance golfers having the same nationality.

  •  Dual and straight forecast . You pick the winner and the second player of the tournament is a straight or any order.

Finally, for some more amusing bets, you can bet on a hole in one happening during the tournament, or on an albatross , which is a hole made in three strokes under the par. And this is just the beginning, dozens of different types of bets are available in golf. Enjoy discovering them!

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