Rugby test series predictions

by FMP50 on Jun 29, 2022 05:26 am


This July, the world of rugby will be able to get a good impression on the top national teams and their level of form, a bit more than one year before the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France. Three test matches will be played between the 10 best rugby nations in the world . The five major European teams will be there with England, France, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. They will play against the three southern hemisphere giants, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, plus Argentina and Japan. The first test series is played on the 2nd of July, with the following matches: 

Rugby prediction

Exciting times for rugby fans all over the world! Japan vs France will generally not be covered by most bookmakers because of the legislation in Japan. Let’s have a look at interesting betting options across the four remaining matches!

  • New Zealand - Ireland. With odds at 1.2, betting on New Zealand is really not a profitable option.The All Blacks are of course a large favorite, but Ireland is clearly undervalued there. The Irish finished the 2022 Six Nations Championship second, just a few points behind France and way ahead of England. Betting on NZ making the first try with odds at 1.5 is the right choice there.

  • Australia - England. Australia has not shown great strength for a long time, but England is not producing fantastic rugby either. The match is a bit unpredictable, and both teams might win with a strong margin if they are having a good day and their opponent is not. Bookmakers offer very high odds at 10 for England to win with 13+ difference. This high pay for an outcome is not impossible. I’ll put a small amount there.

  • Argentina - Scotland. The Argentinian team is expected to win, as they are always giving 100% when they are playing at home. Yet, do they have the player quality and tactical experience to defeat Scotland? I believe Argentina will eventually take the win, but it will be a tough and close battle. Scotland with a +10 handicap win is valued at 1.4 by bookmakers: that is a relatively safe bet there!

  • South Africa - Wales. This is an unbalanced game, with the South African team being a large favorite. South Africa will be under scrutiny as South African clubs will take part in the European competition next season, which might add a bit of pressure on their side. South Africa with a lead of 1 to 8 points at half time gets you 3.2 in odds, a nice return for a reasonable outcome there, I recommend this bet.

That’s it folks! Enjoy the first of these three upcoming test matches, and make wise choices for your bets!

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