Is Arsenal ready for the title?

by FMP50 on Jan 19, 2023 7:52 am

Emirates Stadium

A few months ago, back in August, I advised you to put your money on Arsenal for a seat in the Champions League at the end of the Premier League 2022/2023 season. Boy, was I right ! Not only did the Gunners confirm their regular progression in the recent seasons with an excellent start, but they astonished everyone with constant performances above the charts . 

And right now, the question is not if they will reach the Champions League, but if they will win the Premier League title. Fans have been waiting for this for a long time. The last PL title they celebrated was in 2003, when Arsene Wenger and his Invincibles made history by clinching the title without losing a single game. Can Mikel Arteta join Wenger at the pinnacle? 

Arsene Wenger Half Body Statue

The bookmakers have already answered by the positive. With odds at 1.83 to grab the title in May, Arsenal are now the favorites against Manchester City at 2.37. Behind these two teams, no one looks like a credible contender. Manchester United and Newcastle don't have what it takes to become champions this season. Liverpool and Tottenham are too far down in the standings to hope for a return. 

Which leaves us with only two teams: Arsenal and the Citizens . A few weeks ago, it was still quite adventurous to back Arsenal on the road for the title. But since then, the Gunners have increased their lead and they are now 8 points ahead of Manchester City. This is both a lot and not much, given that we have just passed the mid-season. 

Both teams still have 20 matches ahead, and none of their 2 head-to-head matches have been played yet. But things might get sweet or sour much quicker than that for Arsenal. In the coming matchdays, Arsenal will play against Newcastle, Tottenham, then Man United. It's arguably the best moment for them to play these strong teams, as they are in stellar form. 

Yet, they will certainly lose a few points in the process. When they welcome Manchester City home on the 15th of February, both teams might be very close in the rankings. With maximum pressure at home and against a team that is still better on many accounts, we will see then if the gunners have what it takes to get the title. 

I advise you though to bet either on Arsenal or Manchester City before these matches happen! You’ll be left with poor odds if you wait for the suspense to unfold. On which team then? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint Arsenal fans, but things are likely to get tougher for them. I believe Manchester City is going to close the gap gradually in the upcoming weeks. Eventually, the added pressure should play in favor of the much more experienced Citizens during the second half of the season. So my advice is to place your wager on Manchester City . This won’t take anything from the Gunners and their magnificent season though!

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