How many goals for Haaland this season?

by FMP50 on Jan 11, 2023 6:05 am

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If you’re betting on somebody other than Erling Haaland for the title of the best scorer in the Premier League this season, you are either delusional or you know something we don’t. It’s crystal clear the Norwegian giant is set to grab the best scorer titles season in season out, if he can stay away from injuries. But exactly how many goals should Halland score this season? This is a good betting exercise that could not be left unresolved.

It’s going to be a LOT of goals

This is something we know for sure. Erling has already scored 21 goals in 19 Premier League matches. His average goals per game is 1.10 , an incredible ratio. The second in the ranks is Harry Kane, but Haaland is evolving in a league of his own. During his first 5 matches in the EPL, he scored 9 goals, a start that sealed his stardom status in England.

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And we have just passed the first half of the season. If he keeps on this rhythm, Haaland will finish the season with 42 goals. This would be a groundbreaking result and one of the most incredible achievements in the history of the Premier League. Right now and only looking at the 38 games per season format, the record is held by Mohammed Salah with 32 goals reached in 2018. Realistically, Haaland is going to break this number by large.

How many goals exactly?

It’s however difficult to guess by how much margin should the Scandinavian penalty box slaughter pass Salah. After an insane start of the season, Haaland’s rhythm dropped slightly, but remained at an amazing height . Of course, Premier League defenses should find over time some answers, partial at least, to the threat he poses . We could therefore estimate that Haaland’s goal ratio will go under 1 and stabilize around 0.75 goals per match in the second half of the season. That gives us an added 14 goals, making his total at 35. 

With a more optimistic outlook, we could consider Haaland will stay unusually high, at 1 goal per match. He would then score an extra 19 goals, finishing at 40 goals. It’s probable that his final score will stand somewhere between these two scenarios of 35 and 40 goals, thus around 37 goals in the season . If you’re able to bet on the number of goals Haaland will reach, 37 is maybe not a magical number, but a reasonable tip!

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