How can AI revolutionize sports?

by FMP50 on Feb 22, 2023 6:38 am

a running robot

AI is dominating the news lately, especially in the business sectors. The launch of a revolutionary conversational bot called Chat GPT has impressed everyone and is already impacting many activities, especially in the web and telecommunication. Yet, the rise of AI has consequences at all levels in our daily life, including for sports. 

man holding a black tablet

For the sports industry, the impact of AI is likely to be tremendous in the next few years. The scope of application of this technology is very wide, touching on several key aspects for athletes, their teams and the fans. Here are some examples:

  • Referee. Video referees with AI will be more and more used to monitor and rule the match, eventually to control all actions on the field.

  • Health monitoring. AI software can analyze all data points of an athlete training program in order to improve its efficacy and prevent injuries.

  • Betting. Bookmakers can build more advanced predicting models by leveraging AI to compile all stats and data available about a match and predict the outcome

  • Sports content. Automated content writing platforms powered by AI will disrupt sports journalism and sports media with a never-ending flow of content.

  • Club’s management. Custom AI models can be applied to study and improve a team's training and tactics, as well as the ticketing and stadium audience management. 

And we’re not even talking of robotic players yet! At the moment we can only foresee the tip of the iceberg. But like it or not, AI is here to stay. And it will have a constantly growing impact on our sporting lives, so it’s best to embrace it and make the best of it! If you use a fitness app for your running, you already know why. 

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