From crash games to crash betting?

by FMP50 on Feb 15, 2023 6:52 am

Aviator Promo

If you’re interested in online casinos, you must have realized that the traditional slot games have evolved tremendously along the development of digital communication. New forms of games of chance have emerged over time. Nowadays, slot games provide more entertaining and dynamic visuals than ever, along with more sophisticated paylines and bonuses. Themes have improved as well, integrating some very popular franchises from the Sopranos to Captain America.

For a couple of years, one game called Aviator has been bringing a new wave of innovation to slot games . This game became popular along with other games in a similar category called crash games. With Aviator, your wager follows a growing multiplier which is based on the height of a plane. You must withdraw your benefits before the plane goes away. This very simple concept is now attracting thousands of players. 

Aviator Games

It’s worth noting that the first game of this genre is Jet X, a game developed by Smartsoft Gaming. But this game didn’t take the world of gambling by storm like Aviator. With Aviator, the game developer Spribe added many interesting features, such as chat, statistics and tournaments. 

And some variants have already appeared, where you bet in advance on the height of the plane at the moment of the exit. In general the concept of crash games can be appealing on the betting scene, I don’t doubt that bookmakers will soon find a way to adapt this trend to their offering . For instance, they could imagine a betting market where odds keep going up until a certain event, such as a first goal in the match. Bettors who wait too long to cash out will then lose their bet.

Or bookmakers could merge this concept with skin betting games, where players bet an item or real money on very simple game mechanics, such as a flip coin, a ticking bomb, or a treasure box opening. In all cases, it will be interesting to follow how this trend evolves and impacts betting, and how legislators will assess and regulate this type of hybrid games. 

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