Can Manchester United recover from the 7-0 defeat against Liverpool?

by FMP50 on Mar 09, 2023 10:30 am

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On Sunday 5th of March, one of the biggest shocks in the history of the Premier League occurred. Liverpool dismantled Manchester United by seven goals to zero . That result was as amazing as it was unexpected. Man United has been accomplishing a very good season so far and is likely to qualify for the Champions League behind Arsenal and Manchester City. Liverpool is having a tougher season, lagging behind in 5th place. Can this incredible result change the course of the seasons for both teams?

Liverpool vs Man United Stats

For Liverpool, that historical win might come a little too late to change the outcome of a disappointing season. The Reds are not yet eliminated from the Champions League, but their chances are very thin after losing 5-2 against Real Madrid at home. This victory can reinvigorate them in the Premier League though, as they are only 3 points behind Tottenham in fourth position.

For Manchester United however, observers will keep an eye on the team’s performances over the next couple of weeks. The good news for the Red Devils is that they won’t face any top teams soon. With upcoming matches against Real Betis, Southampton and Fulham, Man U will have multiple occasions to recover from this loss and regain confidence before a clash against Newcastle on the 2nd of April. 

Such humiliating defeat will certainly have a negative influence on the team morale. But professional players are able to focus on what comes next. Thanks to this forgiving calendar, I believe this defeat won’t derail Man U from their positive season. They should be able to turn this disastrous result into a simple setback on their road to the Champions League. 

In the long run, such a catastrophic result will still have an indirect impact, though. It questions Erik ten Hag's capacity to manage his tactics and players in order to contain the damage when the situation gets out of control. And the event will be for sure remembered when Manchester loses by a large score in the future. Fair or not, but this type of beating tends to grind the credibility of a coach over time.

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