3 tips for live betting

by FMP50 on Jun 15, 2022 07:27 am

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If you are a passionate bettor, chances are you enjoy betting live as well. With live betting, we get a maximum of fun because we bet while watching the game, and we get the outcome of our bets almost immediately, without having to wait then. This makes live betting a real treat for enthusiastic bettors… And also for bookmakers, because staying in the positive while you bet live is even harder than with traditional betting. Here are 3 pieces of advice to help you bet live in the best way possible.

  • Remember it’s more about fun than profit When you bet live, you cannot take the time to analyze in depth your chances. Therefore, it’s very hard to judge the value of a bet in comparison to its odds. Conclusion? You are far more likely to lose your bets in the long run compared to pre-match betting. Keep live betting to spice up your game, but limit your budget to a limited amount that you are totally fine to drop, because your wagers will end up in the bookie’s pocket in most cases.

  • Don’t overuse the cash out function Cash out is sometimes great to get back a part of your wager when things turn irremediably sour during the game. But in live betting, odds are generally not great when it comes to value bets, and it’s even worse with cash back odds. In many cases, the cash you will get back is not really worth dropping your bet. And this goes as well when securing a profit before the end of the match. So keep your head cool to not jump too early on that cash out button.

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  • Bet live on sports you know well When betting live, you have options to bet on a variety of original and exotic bets, in link with the in-game events and players performances. This requires that you understand in depth the game you are watching, covering far more than just the basic principles to win and how the score works. You should know in detail the rules of the game, the tactical aspects of the sport, and the opponent forces. This way, you’ll be able to make informed decisions with your in-game bets.

With these three principles in mind, you’ll be able to navigate live-betting to maximize your enjoyment with minimum losses. And if you’re really into it, make sure you use a good mobile betting app for this, as it can be very frustrating to fight with your smartphone while the game is unfolding!

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